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Week Date Topic Slides Students' lecture notes (see note) Supplementary material
1 16.2.2014 Control Hijacking Attacks [pptx] [pdf]   Sotirov-Dowd-2008: Summary of defense and attack mechanisms
2 23.2.2014 Advanced Hijacking Control, Secure Architecture Principles [pptx] [pdf]    
3 2.3.2014 Access control (cont.) [pptx] [pdf]    
4 9.3.2014 Process confinement [pptx] [pdf]    
5 23.3.2014 Cryptography overview (1/2) [ppt] [pdf]
+ extensive whiteboard discussion
6 30.3.2014 Cryptography overview (2/2) [ppt] [pdf]
+ extensive whiteboard discussion
7 6.4.2014 SSL/TLS, browser Lock icon [pptx] [pdf]    
8 27.4.2014 Web Security [pptx] [pdf]    
9 4.5.2014 Virtual machine confinement,trusted computing architecture [pptx] [pdf]   Parno, McCune, Bootstrapping Trust
in Modern Computers
, 2011
10 11.5.2014

Trusted computing architecture (cont.), smartphone security

[pptx] [pdf]    
11 18.5.2014 Authentication [pptx] [pdf]    
12 25.5.2014  Side channel attacks (+ demo), blind ROP attacks [pptx] [pdf]   Bittau, Belay, Mashtizadeh, Mazieres, Boneh, Hacking Blind, 2014
13 1.6.2014 Network Security [pptx] [pdf]    
14 8.6.2014 Attacks illustrated [pdf]   guest lecture by Tomer Teller, Check Point

* Lecture notes are taken by students and not endorsed or checked for accuracy by the course staff. They are offered here for convenience.