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Recitations and exercises

Note: Please read the general instructions first.


Week Submission Date Topic Recitation Exercise Comments
0 16.03.2015 Intro to x86 Assembly  [pptx] [pdf] [pdf] [ex_pack] The exercise PDF has been updated to clarify some issues.
Please follow the revised version when submitting.
1 23.03.2015

Reverse Engineering and

Binary Patching

[pptx] [pdf] [pdf] [ex_pack]
2 12.04.2015

Python and Stack Overflows

[pptx] [pdf]

[pptx] [pdf]

[pdf] [upd] [ex_pack]

I hope you find these videos useful

Getting Started





TCP socket programming

Shellcodes - remote & polymorphic

[pptx] [pdf]

[pptx] [pdf]

[pdf] [ex_pack]


Exercise sheet updated with clearer submission guidelines.

We've updated the policy with regards to the binary versions - please read this forum post.

5 21.04.2015 ROP - Return Oriented Programming [pptx] [pdf] [pdf] [ex_pack] Please note the password for stacko1 from ex02 will not work here. but the off-by-one will
6 27.04.2015

Logical Vulnerabilities and Information Disclosure

[pptx] [pdf] [pdf] [ex_pack]  
7 5.05.2015

Rootkits and Forensics

[pptx] [pdf] [pdf] [ex_pack]  
8 11.05.2015

Communication Protocols

[pptx] [pdf] [pdf] [ex_pack]  
9 18.05.2015 Communication Protocol Attacks continued & Web Primer [pptx] [pdf]

[pdf] [ex_pack]

Since the recitation was a little hard to follow, please read through the recitation slides and related material (the ex_pack has a folder with the demos shown in class as well).
If you have any issues or questions, please contact us or submit further questions before the upcoming review-recitation.


For those that asked for a link to the scapy documentation:

10+11 1.6.2015 SQLI & XSS (R10+11) [pptx] [pdf]

[pdf]  [ex_pack_1]


[Source Insight]


12 8.6.2015




[pptx] [pdf] [pdf] [ex_pack]  
12   Smartphone Security [pptx] [pdf] [pdf] [ex_pack]  
13   Hacking Operations [pptx] [pdf] [pdf] [ex_pack]  
14     [pptx] [pdf] [ex_pack]  



Will be added soon. Please talk to the teaching assistants if there is any particular subject you need a good reference to.