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All exercises will affect your grade. However, since the exercises mostly serve as milestones towards building and exercising a full system, later exercises will often offer opportunities to remedy mistakes made in early ones. If you do so, the course staff will take this into consideration and look mostly at your later work.

Code reuse

In your submission, you may reuse general-purpose code (e.g., socket setup or sysfs registration), as long as you:

  1. Clearly designate the source of this code
  2. Cleanly integrate it into yours, including the same naming and spacing conventions. It should at least look 100% yours and clean from unnecessary components.

You may NOT reuse any code specific to this workshop, from other students or past semesters.

Late submission

A penalty of (n+1)^2 points of the grade will be reduced from late submissions, while n is the number of days since the midnight at the end of the submission day, rounded up.

The exercises

First assignment:

  • Creating virtual machines and Virtual networks, Enjoy!
  • Due to 4/3/14
  • [FirstAssignment]

Second assignment:

Third assignment

  • Firewall in kernelspace
  • Due to 8/4/14
  •  [ThirdAssignment]
  • Files for you to work with, including a python script to load rules using mmap:[Files]
  • you can still use the files from the second assignment

Fourth assignment

Fifth assignment