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Recitations and exercises

Note: Please read the general instructions first.


Week Submission Date Topic Recitation Exercise Comments
0 23.02.2014 Intro to x86 Assembly  [pptx] [pdf] [pdf] [ex_pack]  
1 02.03.2014 Reverse Engineering and
Binary Patching
[pptx] [pdf] [pdf] [ex_pack]  
2 09.03.2014


Assembly, Stack overflows

[pptx] [pdf]

[pptx] [pdf]

[pdf] [ex_pack]

[ex_pack update]

3+4 26.03.2014

TCP/iP & Sockets,

Shellcodes, Remote & Polymorphic

[pptx] [pdf]

[pptx] [pdf]

[pdf] [ex_pack]  
5 01.04.2014 ROP [pptx] [pdf] [pdf] [ex_pack]  
6 06.04.2014 Fuzzing [pptx] [pdf] [pdf] [ex_pack]  
7 23.04.2014 Logical Vulnerabilities,
Information Leaks and
Side Channel Attacks
[pptx] [pdf] [pdf] [ex_pack]  
8 04.05.2014 Web primer - HTTP, HTML, PHP, SQL [pptx] [pdf] [pdf] [ex_pack]  
9 13.05.2014 SQLI, Source Insight, jQuery [pptx] [pdf]

[pdf] [ex_pack[elgg.7z]

[Source Insight] [Source Insight PHP]

10 18.05.2014 XSS, CSRF, SOP [pptx] [pdf] [pdf] [ex_pack]  
11 25.05.2014 Communication Protocols [pptx] [pdf] [pdf] [ex_pack]  
12 01.06.2014 Communication Protocols (Cont.) [pptx] [pdf] [pdf] [ex_pack]  
13   Rootkits and Forensics [pptx] [pdf] [pdf] [ex_pack]  
14   Network Traversal & Misc subjects [pptx] [pdf] [ex_pack]  



Will be added soon. Please talk to the teaching assistants if there is any particular subject you need a good reference to.